When I was interviewing for my new job, a girlfriend of mine mentioned that she used to frequent a restaurant nearby. I tried it out yesterday, and had a yummy lunch of inari sushi with eel, ginger salmon, and tempura vegetables. I read Yelp reviews about the food being bland, but I think the reviewers must not have been familiar with simple food made with good ingredients. I could have used a little bit more of a ginger kick on the salmon, but I was able to appreciate the fish itself, and it was all really satisfying. I’ll definitely try it out again, as I was curious about some of the interesting food combining going on on the menu. At $22, though, I won’t be making a habit of it.

Anyone know where to get a bento lunch for less than ten bucks in the Washington Sq/Union Sq area? I really need to get back on the bento train myself, lest I spend all my money on lunches, or live at Murray’s Bagels…

My apologies for the dead silence on here of late. As far as cooking and dining implements go, I have exactly one spoon, one bowl, one fork, one pair of chopsticks, a butter knife, and a bunch of sharp knives unpacked. I haven’t even ventured into pots & pans. Tonight was the first night in almost three weeks that I “made” myself dinner, and it was just a bagel with hummus, sliced grape tomatoes, and baby arugula. It tasted so good to me that I ate it all standing over the counter. It strikes me as funny to have been so starved for what is typically a speed meal for me. I can’t wait to unpack everything else.