Takeout Bento / Slice Harvester

20080513 :: bento diary :: takeout +

Here we have another bento from the vaults, but one of my favorites. This bento contains (clockwise from right):

  • Leftover buffalo chicken
  • Cold pizza, cut to size: black olive, green pepper, and tomato (from Ideal Cafe, Jamaica Plain, Boston)
  • Golden beet sakura blossoms, red bell pepper and carrot ume blossoms
  • Fiddlehead ferns, steamed
  • Blue cheese dressing for the chicken, golden beet sakura blossoms


My friend just told me about his friend’s mission to try a slice of pizza at every pizza joint in Manhattan. He’s documenting this process on his blog, Slice Harvester. I believe my response was, “Whoa.” Probably followed by, “Holy f**k!” …and then some comment about how fat his friend was going to get. According to my friend, the deal is that he started at the top of the island, and he’s zig-zagging back and forth across as he makes his way down, literally trying out every pizza place. If I understand correctly, he hits a few in a night with somebody else, so they share the slices and he doesn’t have to eat all of every slice. Still, how can you not turn into a balloon of cheap cheese? I hope he has a gym membership.

I’m fascinated by this project and just started reading his blog tonight. I can’t wait for him to finish so that he can make a definitive call on the best place(s) to try. Check it out! http://sliceharvester.blogspot.com

My new mission (significantly less ambitious): I want to be the pizza eating helper on this most righteous mission sometime. Ryan, please make this happen. I’ll cover the cost of his pizza… and maybe yours if you’re lucky.


p.s. Are you as annoyed as I am that “za” is a legal Scrabble word?! Seriously, who says they’re going out for ‘za? I am vehemently opposed to this supposed slang.