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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Rena (it’s rena right?)
    Yeah the fries at the Cellar are good but I really REALLY am super picky about fries and rarely RARELY enjoy french fries at restaurants or anywhere really but the cellar didn’t really grab me 100%.
    Your blog is pretty cool!

    • ha! i didn’t realize i had comments turned on for this page.

      yep, it’s rena. i seriously don’t usually even bother to eat fries, but i go out of my way to order them at the cellar. to each his/her own, i guess.

      glad you dig my blog. looking forward to more posts on yours!

  2. if you are into oranges. fairways (also probably wholefoods) carry these 4 lb bags of organic valencia oranges (in the organic section) that are de.lic.ious .. both tart and sweet. At $4 a bag that’s a bargain too. (June 19 2011)

    • thanks for the tip. i need to invest in a juicer so that i can take advantage of fruit and vegetable bargains like this. currently i’ve only got an old-school glass citrus juicer (manual). it is neither fast nor the most effective way to juice an orange… easy to clean though!

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