Maiden Voyage

cape gooseberries
paper lantern
[088/365] the other white meat (it's so hard to say goodbye)
my electrical hazard sunbeam has officially been retired, as much as it treated me well, and my mother before me. i have a new beefcake blender-beau.

I finally took my new blender for a spin last week. I made a whatever’s-in-the-fridge smoothie, and it was delicious. I’m not sure of actual measurements, but the approximations below should yield a pretty good snack or breakfast.
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Fruit and Cheese

specular highlights
[66/365] cheese habit

I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and cheese lately.  Primarily star fruit and manchego, or pears and anything.  Coming home from work and making a giant fruit/cheese/crackers plate means I’m not making dinner as often as I should.  I did, after all, recently buy a tiny slow cooker, so the fruit & cheese dinner habit is making me feel a little guilty.  This much cheese can’t be good for a person.
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