For me, it’s not about eating to live, it’s about living to eat. I tend to be happiest and most relaxed when I’m focused* on food and drink, so a blog seemed like a natural progression, and a good way to aggregate some of my experiences. This is likely to be mostly photos, but sometimes I ramble too.

To be clear, I don’t intend for this to be a blog about sandwiches. ‘Sandwich Architecture’ comes from my slow and intentional method of sandwich making (attention to slicing, layering, color, acidity, structural integrity, etc.). One of my old roommates thought it was ridiculous that I’d come home from the bar at 2:30 and spend half an hour making a sandwich; my boyfriend has accused me of being a ‘palatal fascist’ because I like to have a bit of every element in every bite of my sandwich. They make fun of me, but everybody wants one! That’s not to say that I don’t make a messy sandwich from time to time… I do.

Immersing myself completely in the food that’s being prepared yields a better and more joyful result… thus the name.

Oh, and my name is Rena (like Réna or Raina… but Rena)…

*Eating, grocery shopping, preparing food, reading about food, taking in food photography, talking about food, listening to podcasts, watching cooking or food travel shows, photographing what I’m about to consume… you name it.