Ginger & White Peach Scones

It has been so, so long since I’ve posted here. I should change the title to something involving Languishing. I think about it, I bake a lot, I made dinners for myself sometimes… and yet somehow actually putting photos up and saying something is beyond my reach. My track record these past couple of years speaks for itself, so let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that all of a sudden I’m going to be posting every week. That said, one post can be a beginning, right? Here’s hoping this will be the one. Ha.

With the loss of Thé Adoré in my work neighborhood, I’ve been hard pressed to find a scone to my liking. I like them moist not dry, and more flaky than crumbly, but not so flaky that they lose their scone-ness. Having threatened to make scones for years, the past month or so has found me playing around with a couple of recipes. The texture isn’t up to par with the tea spot I used to go to in Cambridge, or the ones that Thé Adoré made, but they’re nevertheless a damned good product. Coworker approved!

Lately I’ve been using this recipe, with a few modifications. To make the scones pictured here, I left out the currants, added 1 cup of chopped dried white peaches, and added a generous 1/2 cup of chopped crystallized ginger. I made these additions *after* cutting the butter in, as I find using a pastry cutter on butter while there are other lumps in the way is a little weird. Just be careful not to over-mix!

Do you have a scone recipe that you swear by, or even just really love? Please share. I’d like to make this even better.


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