Fruit and Cheese

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[66/365] cheese habit

I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and cheese lately.  Primarily star fruit and manchego, or pears and anything.  Coming home from work and making a giant fruit/cheese/crackers plate means I’m not making dinner as often as I should.  I did, after all, recently buy a tiny slow cooker, so the fruit & cheese dinner habit is making me feel a little guilty.  This much cheese can’t be good for a person.

[056/365] party for one
[69/365] potomac

In actual news, I took a food photography workshop a couple of weekends ago, with photographer Lou Manna. It was an all day affair involving lighting setups, fake food tips, and all manner of other information. Particularly interesting to me was a slideshow involving shots he’d taken for various clients and the “behind the scenes” shots that showed the complex combinations of actual lighting equipment, fabric sheets, boards, and mirrors used to reflect and filter the light. I need to invest in at least one strobe, a magic arm, and a bunch of mirrors.

“Food photography” is a huge subject to tackle in one day, so we only had a couple of minutes each to shoot at the end of the day; the photo at the top of this post is the only one I got that was decently white balanced before my turn was over. So shiny! His enormous octobox strobe was pretty amazing.

I’m looking forward to applying what I learned in my own kitchen and photos. I really ought to set aside some time for that.



6 thoughts on “Fruit and Cheese

    • Just to be clear, If I actually subjected food to a budget I wouldn’t be allowed to have a cheese section in my fridge. It’s a bit of a problem.

  1. Cheese is so expensive here, so I cannot buy it that often, which is probably a good thing for me…

    The workshop you took sounds very very interesting. I’d love to get some gear (soft box, maybe) for my dinner shots.

    How have you been? ;-)

    • i’m alive and well, thanks for asking! i haven’t had internet service at home for a while, and they aren’t coming to fix it until this week-end, so I’m not very active these days. I’ll be back!

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