Back on the Bento Wagon (I Hope)

20100104 :: bento diary :: new year
January 4th (clockwise from top left): cinnamon raisin bagel (squashed into the bowl); assorted sweet pepper slices and sugar snap peas, herbes de provence hummus (w/garlic, lemon, green olive, etc.); greek yogurt, sour cherry preserves.

I’m not big on resolutions, but I’m making a concerted effort to bring my lunch to work more in 2010. The food is generally better for me, and Manhattan lunches ain’t cheap. Especially when you’re someone who is easily caught in sushi bar tractor beams.

20100104: bento diary : travel snack bento
January 4th (travel bento for a friend): same ingredients as above, minus the yogurt/preserves, plus a couple of strawberries.

20100108 :: bento diary :: just pasta salad
January 8th: As I spent most of my time making a 6 avocado guacamole to share with the office, my bento consisted only of pesto-y pasta salad and a few carrots. Of course, I had a lot of guac and blue corn chips, too.


4 thoughts on “Back on the Bento Wagon (I Hope)

  1. Hi,I just found your blog through twitter..and I found it very interesting,I have a food blog and also an account like you on twitter.

    you’re from Boston beautiful city..I’m Egyptian but my sister’s husband is from Boston.

    P.s I followed you already on twitter

    • thanks for stopping by! i’m not in boston anymore… i just moved to ny recently. have you ever been to ny? i would love a recommendation for an egyptian restaurant here!

  2. Hi again,sorry for not replaying sooner…I haven’t been in US before..but I can ask my brother in law for one..I was invited to visit next summer..but i’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it.

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