I’ve got about half of the kitchen packed… but I left some key items out to use. Wish I was using them. I haven’t been cooking lately, which is pretty depressing. I’ve been too busy finishing up last minute projects at work, so I’ve basically been living on coffee and quick lunches, with the occasional roasted vegetables and rice for dinner. pictured are some veggies destined for roasting.

I can’t wait to unpack my kitchen at the new place!


6 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Once again a feast of colours! You are lesson in attention to detail. Good luck with your move. Hope the adventure brings both joy and peace!

    • thanks for the kind words, and the luck! i’m definitely looking forward to more adventure, joy, and peace in my life.

  2. Hi Rena. Ananda’s mom Susan here! Ananda told me about your blog – it’s lovely! Good luck on your move. It will be wonderful to drink from those little cups in NYC!

    • hi! thanks for stopping by! yes, looking forward to unpacking my lovely new cups down there. right now, i’m still packing. ugh.

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