Mughlai Masala Bento

2008.04.17 :: bento diary :: day six

I think we got frost last night, which means that I missed my chance to make and freeze pesto from all of the remaining basil in the garden. I’ve been too busy and preoccupied to enjoy preparing food as much as I normally do. It’s a problem.

Here we have another bento from the vaults… this was one of the earliest (day six with a real bento box, actually). I’ve been craving Indian food lately, so I’m putting this up to inspire the acquisition of some in the near future.

Contents, clockwise from top left:

  • Spicy truffle, chocolate covered espresso beans, candied ginger
  • Newman’s Own balsamic dressing
  • Mughlai masala veggies with green bell pepper flowers, pickled curried cauliflower
  • Brown rice seasoned like sushi rice, peas, grape tomatoes
  • Hardboiled egg with paprika and salt, arugula, baby carrots

I hope your lunch is lovely and satisfying today… I suspect I’ll be dining on coffee.


9 thoughts on “Mughlai Masala Bento

    • you’re doing better than me… i haven’t been making them! :( the trick is to make a little extra of the other meals and work them into the bento as sides or main dishes. variety!

    • i was doing it late night or in the morning for a while… i haven’t made a lunch box in so long though! i’m hoping to start back up soon, for reasons i can’t post on the internet yet. :)

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