Star Wars Bento

20080530 :: bento diary :: tatooine20080530 :: bento diary :: tier 2
Star Wars bento… larger photos below

This one is from the vaults… because I thought it was about time I posted something, and I only have Flickr photos to choose from at the moment. I’m fond of my old bentos, though, so I may pepper them in going forward. I sure as hell haven’t been making them recently… I must get back into the habit!

This bento was created for the Star Wars challenge hosted by the Bento Challenge Live Journal group. It’s one of my best, I think, and definitely the one that garnered the most attention (as evidenced by my Showing Off page).

20080530 :: bento diary :: construction

Jawa/Tatooine contents:

  • Jawa head: forbidden rice jawa onigiri with carrot stick eyes and a philly style steak tofurkey hood.
  • Jawa body: 2 tiny sweet red peppers wrapped in philly style steak tofurkey, with nori ammo belts and hands
  • Sky: purple cabbage
  • Suns: golden beet and yellow tomato (Tatoo I), orange tomato (Tatoo II)
  • Tatooine desert: pita w/white bean & chickpea spread
  • Hidden behind jawa, desert, and sky: big chunks of english cuke, baby carrots, tamagoyaki, and halved small tomatoes

20080530 :: bento diary :: tatooine

Stormtrooper contents:

  • Space: forbidden rice with sesame seeds
  • Death Star: hard boiled egg dyed with forbidden rice and a little beet juice, with nori and soy wrapper for the superlaser. The Death Star was really frustrating… I was trying to add texture, but it got way too dark and way too reddish brown. To make matters worse, when I took the photo I didn’t pay attention to the light source and the superlaser’s shadow. I guess I’m a little too anal about details…
  • Stormtrooper: monterey jack cheese, with a tiny bit of nori for detail

20080530 :: bento diary :: tier 2


21 thoughts on “Star Wars Bento

  1. You are insane! I love the little nori hands!

    (By the way, my boss was once described as Jabba the Hutt by some nasty nobody on internet, and my boss is a woman!)

    • you’re right… at times i think i’m truly insane. :) what can i say, i couldn’t turn down the star wars challenge.

      jabba the hutt is a pretty awful character to be compared to!

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    • sigh. now i’m super sad to report that there was a piece of tamago (sweetened japanese omelette) under the top right corner of the sky. the rest was indeed vegan.

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