Pen Tests


Pardon the long gap between posts. I don’t think I mentioned this before, but I’m moving. To New York. In a few weeks.

Lots has to happen before 11/23, and between finishing up projects at my current job, packing, trying to see all my friends before I leave, and squeezing in a week at my mom’s in NM, I’m really not going to have a lot of free time prior to the move.

In the interim, behold the espresso cups I just bought, that I have been wanting since they came out in 2004. I spent more than I care to admit on them, but they conjure memories of going to an art supply store with my Pop as a kid, and I’ve been in love since the moment I saw them.

Are there any dishes or implements that you had to have because they remind you of someone? I’d be interested to hear about said items.


Weekend With Betsy Bento

20091019 :: weekend with betsy bento

A very old friend (we went to kindergarten together!) came to town over the weekend Continue reading