Pen Tests


Pardon the long gap between posts. I don’t think I mentioned this before, but I’m moving. To New York. In a few weeks.

Lots has to happen before 11/23, and between finishing up projects at my current job, packing, trying to see all my friends before I leave, and squeezing in a week at my mom’s in NM, I’m really not going to have a lot of free time prior to the move.

In the interim, behold the espresso cups I just bought, that I have been wanting since they came out in 2004. I spent more than I care to admit on them, but they conjure memories of going to an art supply store with my Pop as a kid, and I’ve been in love since the moment I saw them.

Are there any dishes or implements that you had to have because they remind you of someone? I’d be interested to hear about said items.