Sunshine (Kabocha) Pancakes

Mashed steamed sunshine squash, egg

Cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg

Coconut milk

Into the bowl

Add flour, baking powder; whisk

Sunshine Pancakes, CSA peaches

Verdict: good taste, bad texture.
Note to self: next time, use a recipe.


4 thoughts on “Sunshine (Kabocha) Pancakes

    • If by conversation you mean me pointing at food items and saying the name. I don’t know any Japanese other than food names, and “hai” (oh, and I might recognize a word or two from Samurai movies).

      I don’t remember when I discovered kabocha, but they’re so so good! I love how almost meaty they are compared to other squash and pumpkins, and how well they hold their shape when cooked.

      I got this squash (I just added a couple photos) in my CSA share last week, and it totally reminded me of kabocha. I got another one in this week’s box, so I asked the name of the variety, and the guy told me it was called sunshine squash, and that it was a type of kabocha.

      All of that to say, I bet I wouldn’t be very fun to converse with.

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