White Tomato

white tomato

I told my friend R that I’d never had one of the “white” tomatoes that appeared in her photo. Good friend that she is, she bought me one the next time she was at the farmers market – even though she doesn’t like tomatoes (yet).

At first we weren’t sure this tomato was ripe, but i gave it a couple of days and it started to soften up, so I knew I’d better eat it soon. It was sweet but mild; like your average yellow heirloom, it didn’t have a lot of flavor. I wouldn’t want a tomato salad made from only these (unless pink, flavorless supermarket tomatoes were my alternative!), but this would look really pretty layered in with other colors/flavors on a serving plate.


One thought on “White Tomato

  1. And thank you for trading a sheepnose’s apple for it! I have to say that I was very impressed with the green tomatoes that I tried last week. I may develop a taste for this things, yet.

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