Breaking Sandwich News

fluffernutter! by Flickr user roboppy

The Fluffernutter is currently in committee, under consideration for status as the official sandwich of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (see the Boston Globe for coverage).

Really? Nothing else comes to mind, I guess, but I can’t say I’m excited about it (sorry, D!). Disclaimer: this comes from an apparent hypocrite, as I would definitely eat a fluffernutter cupcake.

Sugar Mama's by Flickr user kkatrinaa

I leave you with a third borrowed photo… an owl named Fluffernutter that is too adorable to leave out:

Fluffernutter by Flickr user Minette Layne

Special thanks to Flickr users roboppy, kkatrinaa, and Minette Layne for using Creative Commons licenses, allowing me to post these photos!


8 thoughts on “Breaking Sandwich News

  1. Are you going to the What The Fluff? Festival this weekend? It is so much fun and they have fluff related ice cream!

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