Recent Food Files

rice salad
Rice salad: brown rice, zucchini (CSA), heirloom purple carrots (farmers market), broccoli (farmers market), black krim tomatoes (garden), red zebra tomatoes (garden), sungold tomatoes (garden), flat leaf parsley (garden), and wild arugula/arugula blossoms (garden)

stuffed zucchini
Stuffed zucchini (CSA): seasoned breadcrumbs (stuffing mix), zucchini, brown rice, pepper, salt, worcestershire sauce, fennel frond, sage, red pepper flakes

Panzanella: sourdough, tomatoes (CSA), hakurei turnips (a friend’s CSA), basil (garden), quick-pickle cucumbers (CSA), balsamic vinaigrette


3 thoughts on “Recent Food Files

  1. Your beautiful pictures make me impatient for summer! At the start of the zucchini season I’m all saute and steam and then by the end of the season when I’m tripping over baseball bats it’s hollow ’em out and pile things in. They can be a sort of green crusted open pie. Then your fresh and lovely salad of rice and tomatoes reminds me of a salad dish at Melbourne’s oldest and best vegetarian restaurant – Shakahari – everything is cut very small and piled separately on the pile in little pyramids of jewel-like colours. Peppers, carrots, beets, lightly steamed broccoli and cauliflower – a mound of brown rice, baby dandelion leaves, sunflower sprouts and a tiny bowl of peanut, apple juice, ginger chilli sauce. The pleasure is in looking at it and then tossing it and dressing it yourself. Ahhh…summer!

    • Baseball bats – that’s exactly what they’re like! Ha.

      That salad at Shakahari sounds wonderful. If I ever make it to your part of the world, you know I’ll be hitting you up for more suggestions!

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