CSA Week 05 / Stuffed Summer Squash

20090721 :: CSA Week 05

Week 05’s share contained:

  • blueberries
  • yellow tomatoes
  • beets
  • zucchini
  • yellow summer squash
  • fennel
  • kale (purple stems)
  • green beans
  • parsley

Also pictured are some little french breakfast radishes from my garden, and a bunch of Thai basil that I picked up at a new stall in the farmer’s market.

20090721 :: CSA Week 05

I remember my grandma letting some of her zucchinis go until they were the size of a baby whale (ok, 2 feet or so), and then she’d stuff them and serve the giant dramatic boats of deliciousness in the middle of the dinner table. Part of the reason she stuffed the huge zucchinis is that they aren’t good for much else when they get that large, but I tire of raw and steamed and sauteed zucchini and squash, so when I’ve got a glut of either, I stuff them regardless of size. These tender little guys made a delicious meal!

stuffed summer squash
stuffed summer squash, tomato salad

This was long enough ago (almost two months), that what I put in them is a guess, but the basic process involves halving lengthwise, scooping most of the flesh out of the inside, chopping it and mixing it with other ingredients, packing the mixture back into the shells, and baking. I believe that my mixture consisted of day old brown rice, seasoned breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan, whatever other cheese I had around (grated), any fresh herbs I had on hand (chopped), salt & pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and possibly some finely chopped pepperoni. You can use anything!

Also forgotten is the temperature that I cook these at… I am an experimenter, and I just sort of wing most things in the kitchen. I suspect I started at 350F and then cranked it up to 400 part way through. The point is to get them crispy on the outside, but not dry them out inside. When I’m only making a few of these, I “bake” them in the toaster oven to conserve energy… that’s what I did in this case.

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