CSA Week 04 / Fruit Fly Massacre

20090714 :: csa week 04

I’m playing catch-up here, so expect a bunch of CSA posts with early-season produce!

20090714 :: csa week 04

Week 04’s share contained:

  • blueberries
  • forono beets
  • zucchini
  • field tomatoes
  • arugula
  • kale
  • chard (pink and white stems)
  • yellow summer squash
  • green beens

The produce below isn’t from my CSA share, but it’s from the same farm… I couldn’t resist picking up raspberries, heirlooms, and lemon cukes.

20090714 :: csa week 04
20090714 :: csa week 04
20090714 :: csa week 04

By mid-July, I’m buying up fruit everywhere I see it. I generally prefer to eat fruit at room temperature (and tomatoes *have* to be kept out of the fridge, else you sacrifice their tomatoness!), so this is always about the time that the fruit flies begin to be a problem. Fruit flies are nasty! I hate them. When I come into the kitchen and hear or see them, I become some weird guerrilla sniper, trying to Miyagi them out of the air, or clap them to death. Eventually I remembered something an old friend taught me (thanks LL!), and built a fruit fly death trap.

fruit fly massacre
fruit fly massacre

To construct a fruit fly trap, you need a glass or jar (you want it to be transparent so that you can have the satisfaction of how many you’ve killed. Yes, I’m a horrible person.), plastic wrap, a rubber band, vinegar (I use about a cup of apple cider vinegar, but I suspect that other types and amounts would work fine), and a skewer or other fine, sharp implement. Pour the vinegar into the glass or jar, stretch the plastic wrap over it tightly, secure with the rubber band, and poke some little holes in the plastic… big enough that the flies can get in, but not so big that they can get out! It works.

fruit fly massacre

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4 thoughts on “CSA Week 04 / Fruit Fly Massacre

    • i watched lloyd do this years ago in the chinatown loft… it’s a miracle, really. set it out near where they’re swarming… next to a fruit basket, or on the closest surface to a hanging basket (i’ve even put it in one of the hanging tiers). you can leave it for a week if they somehow keep breeding… but you’re going to be looking at their floating and sinking little carcasses.

  1. i buy a fruit fly trap, and it never ever works. and i’d find a few constantly flying around and planting eggs the size of the adult fly on the edge of my kitchen floor. i have to try your trap now.

    gorgeous veggies. i wish i had a bigger fridge to store a lot of veggies like yours!

    • I’m totally spoiled with a big fridge… I don’t know what I’d do without it!

      Give the trap a try… they are so gross! It feels so good to destroy them.

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