Breakfast Interlude

plus coffee = breakfast
fruit salad plus coffee = breakfast

I’ve really been slacking lately. I have so many photos that I intended to post ages ago… I’m feeling a little crippled by the weight. Pair that with the fact that just about everything in my life is in flux at the moment, and all you get is a photo of my fruit salad. My apologies. I will do my best to share my vacation photos one of these days… it’ll probably do me some good to revisit them.

September is here, and with it came cooler air. Autumn is my favorite season, so things are looking up in that regard!


3 thoughts on “Breakfast Interlude

    • Hang in there! I can’t imagine having to go without fruit. Is there any special way you’re supposed to eat the grapefruit? I like it broiled with brown sugar on top, but I’m guessing that’s not in the plan. ;) I’m also a fan of peeling the membrane off or making supremes, then eating it with a salad… that takes a lot of the bitter out.

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