Arugula Blossoms (Chioggia Donburi)

arugula blossoms

i’m home, sadly. back to work and heat and pressing life decisions.

the garden looked like a tiny jungle, so i did a bunch of weeding and pulled out the overgrown spring veggies (as well as a few of the tiny heirloom purple carrots and tiny chioggia beets that never seemed to start growing). did you know that french breakfast radishes can get as big around as your fist, and about five inches long?! scary.

some of the basil went to flower (drat!), as did some of the arugula. i’ve read that arugula blossoms are delicious, but having never grown it until this year, i couldn’t say so from experience. i’ll spare you the suspense… what i read wasn’t a lie. they’re much milder than the leaves themselves, however, i seem to be growing some particularly strong ‘wild’ arugula, so that comparison could be skewed. very scientific, i know. L was a fan, later exclaiming, “those arugula flowers… i find myself disappointed that i’ve never found them in a bag of arugula before.”

anyway, i’ve been sick since i got back, so this was the first meal i made this week. simple, but i enjoyed it.

arugula blossoms
sushi rice, melted butter, steamed chioggia beets (csa), tiny purple heirloom carrot, ume vinegar, black sesame seeds

oh, and one more arugula thing. i decided to hit up the wikipedia article just for kicks, and found this intriguing bit:

On the island of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples, a digestive alcohol called rucolino is made from the plant, a drink often enjoyed in small quantities following a meal. The liquor is a local specialty enjoyed in the same way as a limoncello or grappa and has a sweet peppery taste that washes down easily.

has anyone tried that? any idea where one can acquire it stateside?


6 thoughts on “Arugula Blossoms (Chioggia Donburi)

  1. @robyn – i shot julianna an email about it… we’ll see what they say.

    @ai – yep, when i’m eating rice i either prepare it with seasoned rice vinegar (a little salt and sugar in the vinegar), or i put pats of butter on it while it’s still hot, and mix it in so that it melts. i grew up eating butter on rice, with a splash of soy or bragg liquid aminos. i think it’s delicious! i guess it’s very american to eat butter on rice.

  2. Hi – came across this post because I have been trying to find rucolino stateside after a trip to Ischia. The closest liquer I have ever had is Fernet Branca – it is very popular in San Francisco and a few bars in Manhattan. When I tried rucolino – it was dead on Fernet (which I drink pretty often.) In the US it is taken as a shot with a back of ginger ale or you can sip on it after a meal. The stuff in Iscia is home bottled and distilled locally and little shops make there own put their own sticker on it.

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