Santa Cruz Stopover

fried egg with scallion and turkey bacon on a whole wheat bagel; pink grapefruit juice; coffee containing a scoop of coffee ice cream (my extra mom doesn’t keep milk or cream in the house). what do you think, does this count as a sandwich?

i’m on the road in california for the next two weeks, so this is probably my last post for a while… i’m going up to the mountains, where i won’t have electricity! at the moment, i’m in santa cruz, the county where i was born. my stay here is unfortunately brief, but i’ve had a chance to have breakfast, snacks, yummy coffee, and two amazing dinners (more about those later if i have time).

santa cruz style
full caffeine for me, decaf for k

fog is my favorite weather (how can you not love being in the clouds?!), so visiting santa cruz is always a little therapeutic somehow, and it’s hard to leave. it burns off in the afternoon, usually, and you get warmer sunny afternoons. the best of both worlds; i wish boston was like this. i’m looking out over the trees right now, enjoying how they’re different shades of green-grey, depending on how far from me they’re growing. mmm. coffee and fog. best.

yesterday was the wharf to wharf race (santa cruz to capitola), and it went right by k’s house. funny to watch, as in a short time the streets go from empty to full of crowds of running people, and then before you know it the bands and balloons and cops and runners are gone, and it’s like it never happened.

wharf to wharf
wharf to wharf
sorry for the crap photos… i get a better zoom on the point and shoot

off to get my favorite muffins in the world (emily’s honey bran muffins – sorry mom)… ciao!

pretty, lazy susan
k’s beautiful table… have you ever seen a more lovely lazy susan?


4 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Stopover

  1. hello! thank you for stopping by my blog, i am sorry it has taken me a bit to come say hi. i have just got home from travels. nonetheless, i am excited to explore your blog and…yum. this sandwich makes me hungry. i love egg sandwiches.

    • thanks for coming by to check mine out! hope your travels were wonderful. i just got home and i’m sad to be back. if only we could always be on vacation…

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