My First {Cherry Pitter, Green Monster}

green monster: it's not just for fenway anymore
banana, kale, mango, blueberries, soymilk, and possibly plum (i forget!)

i’ve seen a serious uptick in “green monster” smoothies online lately. i’m not afraid, and yet the closest i’ve ever gotten to making one of these is when i lived in boulder and invested in spirulina powder regularly. encouraged by jessica of nutritional knits, i have joined the masses. i’ve been putting kale from my csa in my smoothies!

you’d think it would taste too… green! it doesn’t, it tastes like a regular smoothie. i may try out jessica’s recipe at some point soon for a true green color; both times i’ve made these, mine was more olive than green (i nearly always use frozen blueberries).

i am the proud owner of a cherry pitter
vanilla yogurt, maple pecan granola, lovely pitted cherries, local blueberries and raspberries from stillman’s farm, and clover honey

on the cherry pitter tip, i finally invested in one. well, it’s not really an investment piece, it was an impulse buy. i bought it at gadgets in jamaica plain (known for awesome but seriously overpriced kitchen gadgets – this store is dangerously close to the path from my house to my csa pickup). they carry two brands, but only had one in stock when i walked in: the plastic kind. i knew a stainless one would have been better (in fact one was in my amazon wish list), and yet there i was, with the thing in hand, and with a bag of cherries in the fridge. i went for it. $10 for a potentially poorly made, single use device.

so far so good! it works well, and i’ve discovered that somehow the flavor of a whole cherry (sans pit) is so much better when you crush it in your mouth than that of a half cherry. it’s like the best part of cherry pie, without the trouble of making a crust! it’s fast to use, too. excuse me while i go pit some cherries for a fruit salad snack.


6 thoughts on “My First {Cherry Pitter, Green Monster}

  1. Glad you tried the smoothie!! Kale and bok choy are mellow — romaine is not. Very nutritious although the color of the smoothie can vary depending on what’s in it. I use frozen blue’s too (Wymans). Your smoothie is similar to my mine but I usually add some flax meal too and use hemp milk. You wouldn’t believe what I’m putting in my smoothie now: pulp. From my morning green juice. Um, yeah….

    I’ve always wanted to buy a pitter…good to know!! So glad you tried!

    • Ha! Eating pulp is on the rise too, or maybe I’ve just been looking at more raw food blogs than I used to.

      Go for a cherry pitter! I suggest going for a stainless one, though. I think it’ll last longer.

  2. such a good idea! the kale we get in our csa has gone to waste 4 weeks in a row now. i just don’t know what to do with it! this is perfect! i’ll let you know how mine turns out. i’m hoping for something less on the puke green side and more in the moss green family. i can’t wait!

    • i used to hate kale, but a friend turned me around this year with a “crispy kale” recipe… i’ll have to dig for the temperature, but it’s basically chopping the kale into big pieces, tossing it with olive oil, salt & pepper (i used garlic powder & sesame seeds too), and baking it on a cookie sheet (tossing every once in a while) until crispy. so good!

  3. HM! I’m intrigued! Do you have to steam the kale first or anything? Are you using curly kale or lacinto? The curly I’ve been getting in my csa has such stiff leaves that I tend to parboil it a bit even before sauteeing it…..

    • Nope! I just washed the leaves (curly kale), removed the tough spine of the leaf, and blenderized until smooth. I did try it once when I didn’t quite liquefy it, and there were tiny leafy chunks throughout… I ended up putting it back into the blender for a little while.

      I agree that it seems bizarre… normally the leaves have to be cooked for so long! Magic.

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