A Tale of Two Plums

stone fruit breakfast
stone fruit breakfast (detail)
brown cow yogurt with maple pecan granola, white nectarine, and plum

i already had one plum in the fruit basket, but i bought two more small ones when i stopped by harvest co-op in central square the other day. it’s a damned good thing, because these little plums were two of the most lusciously juicy and flavorful ones i’ve ever had.

trio of leftover desserts, for breakfast
trio of leftover desserts, for breakfast: stone fruit crisp and red velvet cake from tupelo, strawberry rhubarb pie brought to me by a friend (thanks S!), and a small but delicious plum

a note on tupelo… i was so tired when i went that i don’t think i can give a clear description of the food, but i enjoyed it. i ordered the daube of beef, despite being warned by a friend that it was really fatty. the same friend had suggested the bbq beef special, but when i went it was no longer offered, so at the last minute i went for the daube anyway. it came out looking like a huge piece of meat, but just as he had said, the center of it was an enormous piece of fat. i was able to pull the tender meat away from it and leave the fat on the side… what i did eat was delicious!

i also tried the cheddar grits, and tasted a bit of the pulled pork (the dish was pork & beans, a special, i think) and bbq chicken (from the chicken & ribs special) that my friends ordered. all of it was good, so i think i’ll try it again when i’m not half asleep.

edit: i’ve added this to the versus category. the yogurt wins, because it was simple, really showcased the plum flavor, and didn’t leave me comatose.

Harvest Co-Op, Cambridge
581 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

1193 Cambridge St.
Cambridge, MA 02139


2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Plums

  1. i don’t remember what occasion those red velvet cakes are had (halloween?), but i remember thinking, “holy sxxt, that is one bloody-looking cake!” when someone offered me a piece at my friend’s place back in collage days in the states. that was definitely one of many culture shock moments for me.

    i like that you are so casual with fruit and don’t bother peeling them. i’m somehow convinced that i have to peel them when i can. i think it’s the japanese thing.

    • it would make quite an appropriate bloody halloween cake! my understanding, though, is that it’s a classic southern cake, not for any occasion in particular. i’ve only had it a couple of times (maybe three?), and i’m fascinated by it, but i haven’t talked myself into making it myself. there is *so* much food coloring in it! we called this one “pink velvet” at dinner, because normally there’s even more dye in it.

      i’ve rarely peeled stone fruit… there is so much concentrated flavor in the peel! maybe it’s because i grew up eating them standing under the tree in my grandpa’s orchard. in japan it’s standard to peel peaches, plums, apricots, etc., even when eating raw?

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