Golden Sakura Bento

20090625 :: bento diary

whoa. i’m on a roll this week with posts! i hope i’m not raising expectations here… i reserve the right to not post at all some weeks. when it rains it pours, i guess.

contents (spiraling inward, clockwise from top right):

  • sakura of golden beet, radish, and haricots verts
  • brown rice prepared sushi-style with ume (plum) vinegar
  • french breakfast radishes (from my garden!!)
  • lupine (also called lupini or lupin) beans
  • seedless black grapes
  • cherry sauce bottle containing worcestershire sauce (for the egg)
  • lychee
  • cubed hard boiled egg topped with a radish and golden beet sakura
  • raw haricots verts
  • grape tomatoes

all of this in my black skull bento box… a funny contrast to the cute and pretty flower theme.

20090625 :: bento diary


10 thoughts on “Golden Sakura Bento

  1. @jessica, @blorgie – thanks for the kind words!

    @jasmine – hi there! i miss you. robyn and i were thinking of trying to get the crew together on one of the harbor islands for a picnic at some point this summer… what do you think? also, let me know when you’re going tailgating for the breakers next!

    @rainbowsanddaydreams – it’s the very best in obsessions. :) not too expensive, really, if you don’t let yourself constantly buy new boxes. i started out with tupperware…

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