Black Quinoa!

black quinoa

i was out of both sushi rice and brown rice, so on a recent trip to whole foods i found myself lingering in the grain aisle. frankly, i let myself go a little nuts in that aisle (what can i say, i don’t make it over there very often). i came home with sushi rice, short grain brown rice, millet (haven’t had it since i lived with my mom!), red quinoa (seen it, but haven’t had it), and black quinoa (i didn’t even know it existed!). should be doing ok on grains for a while.

the black quinoa package said to cook it like rice (one part quinoa, two parts water), for 15 minutes. in my experience — does anyone else find this? — the normal ratio is way too much water when using a steamer. equal parts rice and water is usually perfect for me, so i went that route with the quinoa. 15 minutes wasn’t nearly enough, though – i think i cooked it 35 minutes in total.

verdict: delicious! somehow it was more exciting to eat than regular quinoa… maybe it was the visual contrast. also, i don’t recall regular quinoa having the gentle squeak of a crunch that this does. i’m a convert. looking forward to trying red as well.

black quinoa

Whole Foods Symphony
15 Westland Ave
Boston, MA 02115


10 thoughts on “Black Quinoa!

    • You know, I’m not new to quinoa, but I’ve never eaten it frequently. I have a friend who made me a wonderful quinoa salad with vegetables and feta (almost like a pasta salad), and I’ve done something similar sans feta, but otherwise I’ve treated it like rice. I need to learn!

      What is the recipe you have?

  1. I LOVE black quinoa, mostly because of the dramatic presentation. It’s like giving your dinner a little black dress…..

    If you’re looking for quinoa recipes, I really like to use it in dishes where I would otherwise use bulghar (ex, tabouli) or couscous (ex, with roasted veg). Very jealous of your newfound grain pantry!!

    • girl, you need a food steamer. you could throw the rice in there, after a while throw some chopped kale into the rice, and a couple minutes before it’s all done, crack an egg into a little silicone baking cup and stick that in the steamer too. the hardest part is cubing that tofu and cooking it. but i will make this for you next time i see you.

      i don’t like runny eggs, so i won’t be making it for myself. it looks beautiful, though!

  2. I’m going to look for black quinoa next time I go to Whole Foods. I use the regular organic all the time -which is good but changing it up visually is tempting. My mother makes an awesome quinoa salad with orange, dried cranberries and almonds. I make a batch of quinoa every week and use some almost every day… I even put a couple of scoops in my morning smoothie for a protein source. YUM! Thanks for sharing your find!

  3. Black Quinoa is rich in antioxidants, antocianin and lithium, indeed have 40% more nutrients than a regular quinoa, the intense purple colour in a grain or vegetables, means that product have high level of antocianin (grapes, purple corn, purple lettuce,purple cabbage eggplant)are a powerfull antioxidant and have many healthy properties .
    Directions for use:rice 3 cups, black quinua 1 cup, water 5 cups, salt to taste. (proceed like regular rice)
    is a great way to enrich our diary diet.
    Organic black quinoa and organic red quinoa grow in andean places, are a natural product without colorants or preservatives.
    So, enjoy!!
    Ing Katty Cordova

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