Breakfast for Breakfast and Lunch

breakfast for breakfast
plain, low fat brown cow yogurt with blueberries, raspberries, bananas (hidden), and bashkirian honey

i found this amazing creamy honey at bazaar in allston. apparently bashkirian means of the republic of bashkortostan… food continues to expand my world! according to this site, honey is a major export of bashkortostan, and they take the “value of the bashkirian honeybee race” pretty seriously. bringing race into it conjures awful historical references, but based on other errors in the english translation, it’s just kind of funny (i’m sure they didn’t actually understand how “Food quality of Bashkirian honey is out of line with other sorts of Russian honey” comes across).

breakfast for lunch
fried farm eggs, avocado, and grape tomatoes over lao violet rice/sushi rice blend (photo taken prior to dousing the eggs in worcestershire)

i’m a big fan of fried eggs over leftover rice, and i find avocado to go perfectly when i have it on hand. usually the various incarnations of this dish come with bragg’s, pickapeppa, or frank’s red hot, and lately with worcestershire. my subject to change verdict is that pickapeppa sauce is the best.

Bazaar on Cambridge Street
424 Cambridge Street
Allston, MA 02134


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