Anatomy of a Smoothie

one banana
one banana

one plum
one plum

one small peach
one small peach

part of a block of silken tofu
part of a block of mori-nu silken tofu… i got this idea from kat (she’s my awesome extra mom who just sent me sandwich photos by post)… it makes fruit smoothies so luscious and smooth! also, the little cartons don’t need to be refrigerated, so it’s easy to stock up on without worrying about any of it going bad. while i’m on the subject of silken tofu, i also highly suggest this chocolate silk pie (SweetTeaAndCrumpets, you would eat it and you would like it!). i’ve tried it with a couple of kinds of tofu, and the extra firm mori-nu set up far better than the rest (wow, they should be paying me!).

a decent pour of frozen blueberries
frozen maine blueberries

flaxseed meal

pomegranate juice
pomegranate juice

hazelnut milk
hazelnut milk… i have a kitchen sink approach to making smoothies. i didn’t intend to use hazelnut milk, but i ran out of juice.

1960's blender
ready to buzz

voila! purpleish!

smoother than it looks
some for L


5 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Smoothie

    • i can hardly imagine not owning a blender. i suppose you could get close with a food processor, or with an immersion blender if you start with small enough pieces.

      i dream of having an immersion blender so i don’t have to wash my blender. :)

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