Vegetarian Bento

20090616 :: bento diary

here we have today’s lunch: a vegetarian bento. clockwise from top left: onigiri made from sushi rice and lao violet rice; hard boiled egg “onigiri” with black sesame “nori”; boiled edamame with salt and toasted sesame seeds; avocado half with lemon juice, salt, and freshly ground pepper; grape tomatoes plugging the gaps; worcestershire sauce (for the egg) in a little strawberry sauce bottle.

i’ve mentioned before how much i love worcestershire sauce on hard boiled eggs. i discovered today that eating the egg in a muffin cup solves my problem of being unable to achieve ideal sauce saturation of the yolk… i can take a bite, put it back in the cup and douse a little more. it’s the little things.

20090616 :: bento diary

p.s. i’ve been neglecting this place, i know. i have been eating, and taking photos, but i haven’t been able to justify the time it takes to actually empty the card, upload to flickr, futz with permissions, and post here. to the few of you who actually stop by semi-regularly, i’m sorry you’ve been looking at the same camera phone photo each time.


7 thoughts on “Vegetarian Bento

    • :) thanks, very nice of you to say.

      the muffin cups are silicone… SO useful in a bento, because they don’t fall apart if they get wet. foil ones would do the same, but these hold their shape better anyway, and they don’t create extra trash in landfills.

  1. That is such a pretty bento.

    You know, my mom wakes up extra early to pack dad’s bento, just like any other wives of their generation, and she’s been doing it for well over 30 years (and she was never a housewife. She’s always had jobs herself.). To me that is crazy and unbelievable. I could never ever in a million years do that. I don’t have that kind of love or dedication in me!

    • wow. i can rarely pull off packing my own lunch! i usually end up buying lunch at work. do you think that your mom packs his lunch out of love and dedication, or because she feels like that’s what she’s supposed to do because that’s how it used to be? i guess those aren’t exclusive categories… but it’s interesting. i pack a bento for my boyfriend every so often, but it’s as a treat!

      i want somebody to pack me a bento!

  2. that looks great! i’m kind of obsessed with bento, but i’ve never actually made any. i’m not so good at making food pretty =)

    • if you’re worried about making it look pretty, just get a box that comes with dividers… then you’re forced to compartmentalize! my rule is just lots of color.

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