Recent Food Files

non-pc toast
native sugar toast (sourdough toast with “indian sugar”);
coffee with beloved sumo faces

open faced
spicy black bean spread and seasoned avocado on pepper jack toast

banana pancakes with brown sugar mango pieces
banana pancakes with brown sugar buttered mango pieces & maple syrup

chioggia heart
chioggia beet love

wild yam soba
wild yam soba salad with heirloom beans, golden beet, broccoli, tomato, and sesame seeds, tossed in a lemon/ramp/soy vinaigrette

fruit bowl
raspberry and mango breakfast

cardamom yogurt pancakes
cardamom yogurt pancakes with fresh mango and maple syrup


4 thoughts on “Recent Food Files

    • someone *has* been. it’s that vegetable stand right outside back bay… i hit it every time i’m heading home from the gym.

    • i bought two kinds of mango… the big red kind and the narrow yellow kind (i’ve seen the latter called “champagne”). the big one i had at the time wasn’t all that sweet, but it was soft enough to be ripe, so i decided to sweeten it up by cooking it a little. the yellow kind is what you see in the background, fresh (yum!).

      to make what’s in the picture, i put a couple of good sized pats of butter in the pan that i had just made the pancakes in, and let the leftover heat start to melt it. i sprinkled a generous amount of brown sugar in (2-3 tablespoons?) and turned on a low flame, stirring it until it was all melted in. then i threw in the cubed mango and kind of sauteed it until the mango was beginning to break down. that’s it. super easy!

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