Super Fast Late Lunch Bento

20090505 :: bento diary :: super fast late lunch bento

i was working from home on tuesday, and when L came home from work i realized i still hadn’t eaten lunch. i whipped this up with a quickness for us, ’cause we were both starving. not that pretty, but it was good, and we were excited to eat it.

you’re looking at steamed chicken & vegetable gyoza (frozen from trader joe’s – i think they call them potstickers or dumplings… i forget), steamed broccoli, shiso brown rice onigiri, grape tomatoes, hard boiled egg with soy sauce, pieces of fresh water chestnut, and a little bowl of gyoza dipping sauce (topped with some toasted sesame seeds).

i highly suggest fresh water chestnuts if you haven’t tried them. i get them at one of the markets down in chinatown; they look like little chestnuts wrapped in shredded dirty paper… you would never know that something so refreshing is inside!. i had them for the first time on a trip to laos a few years back… somebody was selling them at the side of the road, and they became my favorite on the road snack. a bag of these and a pocket knife and you’re golden. they’re crunchy – reminiscent of jicama, only jucier, and with a bit of a different texture… creamier, almost. i’ll try to remember to update this with photos of the whole ones.


2 thoughts on “Super Fast Late Lunch Bento

  1. I just had an aha! SO, you can make real time lunch boxes bento style without creating an art contest arrangement? Looks like good lunches, and doable, all in one box. Maybe they don’t leak so much that way. Please do post the fresh chestnut photos, sounds great!

    • this was made at home, for home (that little bowl wouldn’t fit in the box if it was closed). i kind of cringe looking at it (actually, i can’t believe i posted it). it tasted good though!

      packing a box tightly keeps it from shifting around in transit, but also gives you a better idea of portion. biggie at has good posts on that, here and here

      i never did take photos of the chestnuts… but i’ll pick some up next time i get down to chinatown.

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