Monday’s Meals

20090504 :: salad diary
20090504 :: salad diary

keeping it brief here… but i haven’t been properly cataloging my salads. lunch was a salad of romaine, steamed asparagus, radishes, sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes, one lone candy tomato, orange bell pepper, hard boiled eggs (a little too hard), herbed goat cheese, australian lake salt, freshly ground pepper, and newman’s own parmesan & roasted garlic dressing. kind of funny that you can’t see peas or orange bell pepper in the salad photo. they’re under there, i swear.

big but not too big. patting myself on the back for remembering the goat cheese… some of it broke down and got kind of creamy and became part of the dressing by the end. this was a perfect working-from-home salad.

L makes dinner!

L made dinner! dried lemon pepper pappardelle from trader joe’s (very lemony & peppery… i’ll buy this again!) with a kale “pesto” (sans pine nuts), and some toaster oven baked salmon (salted and peppered liberally, with a pat of butter dropped on the top before cooking). i could not stop remarking how much i was enjoying it. i love it when L makes dinner.


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Meals

    • yes. the pappardelle was my idea, but he bought and prepared the kale and salmon. i would eat it again right now.

      get the pappardelle! so yummy. perfect amount for two people if you have something else in the meal (like the salmon).

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