Experimental Breakfast :: Sunday


a while back (before my recent pancake successes) i was feeling lazy and decided to double up on lazy by attempting to make banana pancakes with a packaged banana bread mix from trader joe’s. total failure.

sunday morning, L and i talked about about going out to brunch. then we talked about making food, but didn’t make any. sunday morning: all talk. so i did what i usually do when i’m hungry: i looked at food blogs online. one thing led to another, and i found myself here. steamed banana cakes! i wanted to make these so badly, but during all the talking earlier, i’d eaten the last banana.

it was then that i realized i had some unknown fraction (2/3?) of a box of banana bread mix left in the pantry*. i decided to wing it, and made the recipe on the box as if it was 2/3 of the mix for the oil, 1/2 the mix for the water, and the whole mix for the eggs. i am decidedly not a recipe follower.

i poured the batter into three silicone baking cups (i have such a small number because i use them for bento, not baking), and tried doubling up on paper baking cups for a few more. i put all of these into my steamer and turned it on. 30 seconds in i realized that muffin tins exist for a reason… the paper was collapsing, fast. steamer off, i rescued the mix from the paper cups and poured it into 3 greased mini ramekins (i had 4, but 1 broke) and the remainder in a little pyrex prep bowl. i put everything back into the steamer (now two racks), and started it back up.


i can’t tell you how long i steamed them… i took the tiny ramekins out first, then the silicone cups, and then the little bowl last. i’m not sure if it was the pyrex, that i didn’t grease the bowl evenly, or if i waited too long to rotate it, but the little bowl muffin turned out to be kind of a mutant (much taller on one side than the other). they were all delicious though! steaming appears to be a good alternative to baking. the only real difference is that these developed that thin skin that steam buns develop. i kind of like it, but bakers may be annoyed.

i look forward to trying this again, using amanda’s recipe (link above). note to self: get a full set of silicone baking cups.

mutant glass bowl muffin

*pantry is a pretty strong word here. we have a little “room” off of the kitchen that houses the fridge, washer, and dryer, with two long shelves on the far (quite near) wall. i adore having a washer and dryer, a fridge, and shelves, but pantry conjures something more spectacular than this is.


2 thoughts on “Experimental Breakfast :: Sunday

  1. I like the mutant one the best. Steaming puts me in mind of yum cha trolleys and simultaneously but incongruously my g’ma’s steamed puds: steamed jam sponge, golden syrup pudding with the syrupy sauce dug out from the basin bottom, roly poly pudding…your banana bread is giving me a Proustian high!

  2. the texture was most consistent inside with the ramekins… but the mutant did look cool. steamed jam sponge sounds amazing!

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