Experimental Breakfast :: Saturday

breakfast for logan

inspired by the mid-week pancakes, i volunteered to make pancakes on saturday morning. the success of the last ones also left me a little cocky, so i got pretty experimental. what follows is the approximate “recipe” (note the quotes), arrived at by crossing out and re-writing a lot of the measurements over and over as i added this and that (often an extra 2T of flour) to the mixture. this is not science, but it is delicious.

blueberry pecan pancakes
2 c – 2 T unbleached flour
~4 T flaxseed meal
~6 T ground pecans
3 T ground dessicated coconut
3 T sugar
3 t baking powder
1/2 t salt
1/2 t ginger
1/4 t cinnamon
1/4 t nutmeg
2 large eggs
1 scant cup milk
1 c soymilk (hey, i ran out of milk)
1.5 c frozen blueberries

when tasting the finished product, you couldn’t really identify the coconut or the spices, but i guess that the amounts were pretty small, given that i ended up with quite a bit more flour than i had started with. still, we really enjoyed these pancakes (L said “delicious” a number of times), and i suspect that all of the ingredients contributed to the depth and heartiness of them. in fact, they were the best pancakes i’ve had in a long time.

as a disclaimer, if you’re into super light and airy pancakes (what i would call average or tasteless), these aren’t for you. these aren’t too heavy, but they’re denser than your average pancake.

drip drip

i had some blackberries in the fridge that i’d gotten for cheap(er) because they were pretty ripe, and i knew i had to use them soon. breakfasty starches always go better with fruit, in my opinion, but logan doesn’t like the seeds in blackberries… so i got rid of the seeds:

blackberry pear compote
2/3 pint or so of blackberries
cherry juice (maybe 3/4 a cup?)
1 bartlett pear, firm but ripe
1 T sugar

i simmered the blackberries in the juice for a while and kind of mashed them up with a spoon, added the sugar, and continued to simmer for another minute or two. mashing with a spoon is not at all recommended… this was needlessly difficult. my excuse is that i had the measuring spoons in my hand and i kind of just went for it.

next i used a wooden spoon to push this mixture through a fine strainer, to remove the seeds. noticing that i didn’t have a whole lot of blackberry pulp, i decided to peel and slice a pear, and throw it back in the pan with the blackberry syrup. i cooked this long enough to warm the pear pieces through, then turned it off.

next time, i will add the sugar at the end, with the pears… doing so before straining the seeds out of the blackberries was pretty dumb, particularly when blackberries are so expensive! the mixture got sort of jammy as the sugar cooled. oops.


L’s job was to pick up bacon, soymilk, and a couple of other things, then to cook the bacon. in a stroke of genius, i had him throw in some veggie sausage links to cook with the last slices of bacon. it was a Success (capital s), as evidenced by my inability to resist biting into one of mine before taking the picture (below).

yay breakfast!

that’s maple syrup drizzled over the top, and coffee (in The Mug of Freedom) and sauvignon blanc on the side. because we’re bruncheriffic.


5 thoughts on “Experimental Breakfast :: Saturday

  1. Truly wonderful looking breakfast! I’m glad you don’t regard cooking as a science – sure there’s some basic chemistry involved but good food is closer to poetry. This pancake is probably a sonnet.

  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous! I love bacon and sausage and the pancakes look divine. I will link you up on my wine blog under the foodie blog section. I dig that you paired the breakfast with a glass of SB. Cheers!

  3. That breakfast is the best looking thing I’ve ever seen. Period. The sad thing here is that I’m reading this while eating an ugly ass bowl of granola for breakfast. Ugh.

  4. @blorgie – a sonnet… you make it sound so romantic!

    @wine information – thanks for stopping by and for linking! looking forward to spending some time reading your blog… i took a peek but i have work to do at the moment.

    @phil – next time throw a handful of berries on top to spruce it up. i got my blackberries at bazaar!

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