Braised Leg of Lamb Crêpe

braised lamb leg crêpe

for lunch today i called arrow street crêpes‘ “new” location (they’ve been in this location for a while, but they used to be around the corner at 1 arrow street, and i haven’t been since they moved). this place is only a block and a half from where i work, but the old location used to take forever; i called because i didn’t really have the time to wait.

the phone call was a little awkward. i asked to place an order for pick up, gave my order (the braised leg of lamb crêpe), and the response i got was something like “ok. see you then.” i guess i assumed they would take my name and number, so they could at least have something to tie the order to, and a way to dissuade you from not showing up. it would also be helpful to know when “then” is, but the call was over so i headed over right away.

here’s the description from their non-vegetarian*, savory crêpe menu:

braised leg of lamb $11.00
lamb, fresh dates, red onion, feta, tomatoes, topped with mesclun honey salad, cucumber relish and balsamic glaze with yogurt.

i’m pretty sure that i’ve ordered this crêpe nearly every time i’ve been there… i love it! they place most of the fillings inside, then they heap some fresh greens on top, pour some yogurt over it, and drizzle balsamic and honey over that. there’s a lot going on once you’ve cut into it a number of times and things really start to get mixed up, but it stops short of dissonance.

braised lamb leg crêpe

i noticed the tiny popping crunch of fig seeds as i was eating… there were re-hydrated dried figs in it instead of dates! i had been looking forward to the dates, but luckily (for everyone involved), i love figs. i will be back for another. maybe one day i’ll even order something else. maybe not.

*they have a vegetarian section too, but every crêpe on it has cheese… no luck for for lactose intolerant folks or vegans. then again, vegans probably know to give crêpe places a wide berth.

Arrow Street Crêpes CLOSED
1154 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138


2 thoughts on “Braised Leg of Lamb Crêpe

  1. drooling. have you been to sofra yet? they have a lamb shwarma grilled flatbread with pickled cabbage, tahini and yogurt. that place has completely fueled myy obsession with pomegranate molasses.

    • i’ve been to oleana once, but not to sofra. that (and the meyer lemon tart) is enough to get me in the door. that menu looks amazing!

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