The Great Buffalo Chicken-Off Continues

enjoy the very best

here we have a very bossy styrofoam container, though i can get behind the sentiment. i came about this the other night when L and i were feeling lazy. the internet had told me of a place in roslindale that delivers to jp… a place we hadn’t tried: bbq town.

the woman who took our order was extraordinarily pleasant, according to L, who hates placing orders over the phone. that’s a major plus! we ordered our default face stuffing combo of buffalo chicken tenders and a small pineapple pizza.

buffalo chicken fingers

the buffalo chicken fingers were bizarrely shaped, which i can handle since chicken pieces can be bizarre shapes, particularly when breaded. however, the sauce wasn’t good at all… none of that buffalo sauce flavor… just spicy (in a peppery way) and too sweet. the chicken wasn’t dry at all, which was a plus, but i just didn’t enjoy the breading and sauce. i like saucy sauce… this was just spicy moistened breadcrumbs.

the pizza was ok… very cheesy… more than i needed, actually. i wasn’t a fan of the crust but L didn’t seem to mind it. i would have liked a lot more pineapple, but most customers would probably have been satisfied with what was there.

verdict: it was… meh. i wonder how bbq town’s bbq is, but i’m not sure my world will ever know.

anyone have suggestions for a place with thin crust pizza that delivers to jp? ever since brescia in jackson square closed down, bella luna is the only better-than-mediocre pizza we’re able to find around here. guess we should have ordered from bella luna.

BBQ Town
4000 Washington St
Roslindale, MA 02131


3 thoughts on “The Great Buffalo Chicken-Off Continues

    • i assume the evergreen pizza is buffalo chicken? i’ve actually been meaning to head over there and try out wings or tenders, assuming they’ve got them. we should date.

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