Blueberry Spice Pancakes

blueberry spice flaxseed pancake

L woke me up with coffee this morning – best! generally coffee is what i eat for breakfast. bad, i know, but typical. but today felt different… the dirty dishes were diminishing, and seeing that extra counter space was inspiring. i was going to make pancakes. on a weekday.

now, L is usually in charge of pancakes, and he has a general recipe in his mind. i just know the ingredients, not the proportions. i’m not usually a recipe follower, but i can respect the chemistry involved in baking or anything involving leavening, so i checked epicurious… and concluded that this wasn’t going to work. i wasn’t feeling so ambitious that i was going to rush out for buttermilk before work. rewind! my google search consisted of the following: easy pancakes. an uber simple recipe came up on i bit.

as usual, i didn’t quite follow the recipe (looks like they had a typo in the baking soda department, anyway!)… here’s what i ended up doing:

1 c -1 T unbleached flour
~2 T flaxseed meal
2 T sugar
2 t baking powder
1 pinch salt
1 egg, beaten
1 scant cup milk
3/4 c (ish) frozen blueberries
1 pinch cinnamon
1 sprinkle nutmeg
1 sprinkle ginger

i started by beating the egg, or, whisking vigorously, rather, and then added the milk. i mixed all the dry ingredients together in another (less pretty) bowl. next i proceeded to break what i believe is the cardinal rule of cooking/baking: i added the dry ingredients to the wet (hey, i wanted to work from the nicer bowl!). take that, establishment! i just kept whisking as i sprinkled in the dry mix, tossed in the blueberries right before a final stir, and the results were lovely. a revolution before ten o’clock! it was going to be a good day.

everybody knows how to cook pancakes, so i’ll spare you the rest. the only other thing i would note about the original recipe is that they say it serves 4… i call BS on that. this is all i had for breakfast, but i ate all but one large pancake (L had already eaten… his loss). if i were making this for myself and L, i would double it. i suppose that a breakfast containing a lot of other components might stretch it to 4 servings, but only if those people don’t like pancakes.

anyway, it was a success. they tasted good – really good! i plan to use “easy” in my search terms more often.


11 thoughts on “Blueberry Spice Pancakes

  1. Those spices, they work magic. I used to feel so unsatisfied with pancakes when I was growing up, needing other tastes and digestive support probably too. Hey,you can put a squeeze of citrus (orange, lemon, pineapple) I don’t know how much, in with water if all that milk is too much, or with some fake milk substitute instead, either way avoiding one of the Ayurvedic food combining no-nos that You won’t want to hear anyway so I won’t say it. Made them for you these ways many times when you were but a wee little girl …Did these puff up well? The sourness helps with leavening Or use thinned yoghurt (1/2 water) instead of buttermilk in a recipe. That was all before I discovered flax seed – great taste and texture addtn.

    There is a recipe for egg replacer with flax seeds too, you have to make this gooey gel by cooking them in water, and use a couple Tbs/egg as I remember (keeps in the fridge a while for avid eggless bakers).

    • well now i can’t figure out what the no-no is… eggs and milk? non-boiled milk and anything? milk and baking powder? i have no idea.

      i have a memory of experimenting with baking when i was a kid… i came up with an orange (and some other kind, don’t remember) juice muffin recipe that i loved. to this day i wonder what it would have been. guess i should experiment! i definitely wasn’t using a recipe.

      i have read about the egg replacer recipe, but i don’t need an egg replacer! after 31 years of being meh about eggs, i discovered local farm eggs, and now i love them (so $$ though). still can’t go for soft cooked, but i figure i can give myself a few years to work up to it.

    • OH yes, the lavender oil in the whipped cream must have been amazing…hope you only used one drop! Try also orange oil and honey in whipped cream…or pinch cardamom and rosewater (need more of that), or even chai mix…! That waffle recipe sounds fabuloso, I”m signed in for updates on that.

      You are right, it’s about combining milk this case eggs, or no nos also milk with anything sour, or astringent, or salty. The first rule is also a kosher rule, dunno about the other ones except from ayurveda. Tends to create incomplete products of digestion called AMA which well, feed the disease organisms but clog us up wherever our own weaknesses or previously damaged tissues happen to be.

      This time of year it starts to loosen, like spring thaw the sap starts to run hence allergies and runniness. I use extra ginger, pepper, clove, cumin, garlic all that stuff to help burn the food better and it tastes better in the process. Best season now (N Hemisphere) to enjoy hot spicy foods and less heavy sweet creamies.

      Compromising we always do, so these things in the pancakies and cream help. OK, enough today of me and my soapbox – Love, Mom

  2. I can almost taste those jammy bursts of blueberry sweetness in this good looking pancake. I like the addition of flax meal too – I have only ever tried buckwheat. Now I want a good pear and spoonful of sour cream on the side.

    • speaking of jam, i had thought we were out of maple syrup, so i ended up eating these with sour cherry preserves. by pancake #2 i had found the syrup, so i ended up with a mix. sour cream sounds good… and reminds me of an extra thick lebanese yogurt i buy sometimes. it’s kind of tart like greek yogurt, but perfectly spreadable. i love it on toast, pancakes, whatever!

      i love buckwheat pancakes! other flours really add to pancakes and waffles, in my opinion. something my boyfriend does sometimes is throw some dry quick oats in the food processor to make a coarse meal. he then mixes that in with regular flour to make more interesting pancakes (texturally and flavor-wise).

      another thing i do when making waffles (i should try this with pancakes) is use blue corn meal. it adds some crunch and color, as well as flavor. i found the recipe (blue corn waffles with blueberries and lavender whipped cream – amazing!) in sunset magazine a few years back; i’ll have to post it one of these days. mom, if you’re reading, you’ll be pleased to know that i skipped a step and used young living lavender oil for the whipped cream!

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    • i order grilled cheese out, but i never really make it at home. i should. arugula sounds great… maybe arugula and chopped peppadew peppers? mmm.

      re: the jam one, i haven’t done that in a while. the german mother of a childhood friend of mine taught us to put jam with melted cheese… so good! i like experimenting with aged cheeses like super hard gouda, or interesting preserves like strawberry balsamic.

  4. PS – Rena re my ayurvedic leanings – those of you with stronger digestive fire and burning more energy in your life dance get away with more of these goodies than I do, so I have to have understanding to play with and other ways to satisfy desires for creamy sweet yummies, you see.

    PS, the recipe you posted didn’t have blueberries in spite of the pic…can you update it?

    • totally forgot about the blueberries! i updated it, thanks.

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