Tuesday’s Dinner

romaine, mini cucumbers, radishes, candy tomatoes, avocados, hard boiled egg, sesame sticks, australian lake salt, freshly ground pepper, chili powder, and newman’s own parmesan & roasted garlic dressing.

i’ve been going to the gym more lately, and one benefit of this is that the vegetable stand at back bay station is between the gym and home.  quality can be hit or miss, but it’s generally good, pretty cheap, and a great place to pick up a couple of things and a loaf of bread.

i may be forgetting something, but here’s what i remember coming home with on tuesday:

  • olive bread
  • candy tomatoes on the vine
  • avocado
  • bananas
  • strawberries
  • mango
  • romaine hearts
  • my plan for a shower was foiled when i got home and discovered that L was in it. a wait for hot water meant dinner, though!

    it’s been a while since i broke out the mandoline… i’d missed it. can’t wait for CSA season!



    2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Dinner

      • i would like nothing more than to make you dinner right now. i miss your lovely house.

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