Spontaneous Myers + Chang Date

myers + chang

my bf follows myers + chang on twitter. heh. well, i laugh, but this is how they broadcast the debut of the asian short rib tacos on the 19th, and i benefited from said tweet:

Asian tacos tonite! Braised short ribs, cilantro sesame salsa, Korean cabbage…betcha can’t eat just one. (psst you get 3….!)

i’ve been to myers + chang before, but almost everything we ordered was too spicy for me (i’m a wuss), to the point where i was experiencing some serious self loathing because there was an awesome restaurant that i couldn’t enjoy. i have two lingering memories from that experience: ow (this is a self loathing-laden ow), and edamame & celery slaw (my delicious savior).

anyway, we made a spur of the moment decision to go for the tacos. i recognized that the food was delicious, it just meant being a little more cautious about what i ordered. as fate would have it, nothing we ordered was too spicy for me, and it turned out to be a particularly nice date. there’s something about the intimacy of being crowded together at the bar with wine and deliciousness that feels right. this is city living.

my old friend: edamame and celery slaw – sesame oil, candied lemon ($5)

fresh rolls – herbs, lettuce, tofu, spicy peanut sauce ($9)

we also ordered two specials: tamarind glazed cod on a vietnamese mint, pomelo and jicama salad, and the asian short rib tacos that got us in the door. i guess we were too consumed by consumption – i didn’t get pictures of either. both were really tasty (wish the cod skin had been crispy, though it tasted great), but the short rib taco special was the star of the night, with the edamame & celery slaw a close second for me. i really hope they put the tacos on the regular menu!

banana creme caramel, black and white sesame brittle ($7)

i’m craving the tacos and the slaw right now. in a big way. i also want to try the duck banh mi… yeah, i learned about that from twitter. i follow myersandchang now, as well.

Myers + Chang
1145 Washington St
South End, Boston

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