Bazaar Sandwich


i finally made it into bazaar, the russian grocery in allston, the other day. somehow i imagined it to be a cramped little hole in the wall with hard to find spices i’d never heard of, but it was a fairly spacious store complete with a produce section and deli. i could have spent an hour in there.

i ended up with:

  • goat cheese spread
  • hickory smoked sulguni
  • narrow/tall loaf of wheat/rye/pumpernickel bread
  • blackberries
  • black turnip
  • giant tomato
  • cartons of juice (pink grapefruit, mango, peach)
  • pistachio halvah
  • salted milk chocolate
  • kinder chocolate
  • frozen sea buckthorn berries
  • sour cherry preserves
  • radishes
  • mini cucumbers
  • other stuff that i’m forgetting
  • 20090418-02275

    i have no self restraint with food. logan and i devoured the salted chocolate on the ride home – so good. wish i’d bought more than one package! immediately upon arriving home i slathered goat cheese and sour cherry preserves on slices of the dark bread; weird combo, but good.

    next i went with tomato on goat cheese and dark bread, open faced. with salt and freshly ground pepper, of course, and a squeeze of a lemon wedge.

    open faced

    here’s another sandwich that occurred. it was the last of the beefsteak shaped tomato, so the pieces were more like wedges, and crap for stacking. really delicious result, even if the structural integrity was lacking a bit. that narrow bread is pretty unforgiving. also in the mix: avocado, young pea shoots, a lot of whole grain mustard, australian lake salt, and freshly ground pepper.


    i don’t know what to do with the sea buckthorn berries yet… but i’m sure there will be pictures when i figure it out.

    Bazaar on Cambridge Street
    424 Cambridge Street
    Allston, MA 02134


    5 thoughts on “Bazaar Sandwich

      • i can’t get that site to load… will try again later.

        a chutney does sound good. i found a salsa recipe online… i bet either one would be good on fish. just got the shipping notice for the food tome, so i’ll give those berries a shot soon.

    1. I love this: that you have a food blog – now I can look at more of your beautiful pictures; that you combined avocado and goat’s cheese with the earthy rye bread; that you use Australian lake salt – we have quite a few varieties you know including a pink one; that you look upon sandwich making as an artisanal craft. Love it!

      • hey! glad you stopped by, and good to be appreciated. no goat cheese on the sandwich pictured, but it’s like you instinctively knew that i made avocado and goat cheese sandwiches on this bread the day before. mmm.

        this is the only australian salt i’ve had… i saw it in the store and went for it. we’re almost out though! i’ll keep an eye out for other varieties.

    2. Sign of a good sandwich, as I always said, was one that falls apart – Hey, I’d forgotten about your blog again, somehow am only subscribed to individual posts. Will try summore. Love you and your glorious food journies! Ma

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