A Sad Buffalo Chicken Salad


sitting at my desk, i realized i was craving… wait for it… buffalo chicken. i fidgeted a bit, unsure where i could get it around here. i wanted to avoid the “buffalo chicken” sub at subway, which i’ve tried many times (it’s basically across the street), and each time i become uselessly infuriated with the so-called sandwich artists. i can make a good thing from meh ingredients, but it takes intent, and these people don’t have it.

i realized i hadn’t tried zoe’s (the diner downstairs next to subway) since it was johnny’s, and the internet told me they had a buffalo chicken salad — choice of garden, greek, or caesar salad base — so i decided to give it a whirl. called in the order (i went with greek) and they said it would be ready in five minutes. $9.96. i headed over, paid, and waited about 3 minutes. still, under ten minutes is pretty damned fast.

heading back to the office i noticed the hot saucy smell emanating from the clear takeout container (i love being able to see what i’m about to eat!). when i returned to the office and opened it up, i could actually smell the blue cheese (hooray for the real thing!). the consistency was good – creamy enough to dip or pour, but with real chunks in it. i’ve had a lot of smooth blue cheese dressing lately, so i welcomed the change.


the chicken was kind of thin and tough – what you expect at a sub shop or diner, really. not quality. it was lightly breaded, then cooked, then cut, then tossed in the “buffalo sauce” (i use quotes because it was more on the hot sauce end than having a real distinct flavor). i like that they did the tossing after the cutting… more flavor! also, there was enough kick that i made sure to get blue cheese with every bite… spicier than the mild sauces in buffalo. alas, the chicken was very salty. i think the feta assisted with the salt overload, but i tried a feta-less piece, and it was too much for me.

3 out of 4 cherry tomatoes were still good… one had to be thrown out because it was starting to get those yucky dimples. the three cherry tomatoes really saved me (saved being an extraordinarily strong word here). i barely finished the chicken pieces, and abandoned the salad. it hurts to abandon a salad.

before & after:


i really wished i’d packed a bento. i don’t think i’ll be ordering that salad again, but zoe’s will probably get another chance. i’ll order something less… controversial.


p.s. dustless pepper? i didn’t realize it was a thing.

1105 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138


2 thoughts on “A Sad Buffalo Chicken Salad

  1. “dustless” means that the finer particle size naturally occurs in the grinding of pepper has been sifted out for an attractive, more uniform appearance and particle size. [at least that’s what i found on the internet]

    • ha. more attractive pepper! they should work on it tasting like it’s freshly ground… i find this kind of pepper to lack a great deal of the flavor that i love about pepper!

      i hope they use the finer particles for something…

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