Small Plates


i made the brilliant decision to cut out of work early tonight (hey, it was almost 6) to meet a friend for dinner at small plates in harvard square. how did i not know that this place existed?

i rushed up the street from work to make it there by 5:50, as their “happy tappy hour” ends at 6. just in time! happy tappy hour is a questionable name, but i can’t argue with a menu of five dollar wines and tapas (cocktails too, but i wasn’t paying attention to them). the happy hour menu was a very truncated version of the regular menu… 6 tapas and 4 wines, i think? still, it was pretty perfect. she had the pinot noir (trinity oaks, i think) and i had the oyster bay sav blanc. it was raining outside, but we were inside with wine; we were pleased.

the lights were dim, and i didn’t have my good camera, so most of the photos are kind of crap (get used to it… i don’t carry the 5D around much these days), but here’s what we had:

warm squash ‘fettuccine’ (w/tomato romesco) – 5 dollar menu

yum. very.

organic wild mushrooms (w/basil oil & poached garlic) – 5 dollar menu

i’m not normally a mushroom person, but michelle had tried them before so i went for it. i was pleasantly surprised.

jerk chicken (w/cool & tangy green tomato salsa) – 5 dollar menu

this chicken was a little dry, but the salsa was so juicy and bright i was able to mostly overlook it.

paella (saffron rice w/chicken, chorizo, mussels, snails) – 5 dollar menu

while this was really large for a tapas portion, i think this was the weakest dish. i wasn’t really into the texture of the rice (overcooked and kind of mushy/dry), and it could have had more flavor. nice to be served snails though, i haven’t had those in ages. also, the chorizo was pretty tasty.

lemon thyme ricotta cr̻pe (w/broccolini & gremolata) Рfrom the regular menu ($9)

glad we got this… so lemony and cheesy, and lighter than the other items. this picture sucks.

guinea fowl in some morel cream sauce. honestly, i forgot everything when she said “morel” and just ordered it. – special (didn’t pay attention to the price)

the morels were awesome, and the guinea fowl was pretty good too (though pretty rare… i’m guessing it’s supposed to be served that way? the inside kind of reminded me of maroon ostrich meat i had once, years ago). rich creamy sauce. yum.

we stuffed ourselves, but i can’t resist a peek at a dessert menu. michelle sounded like she wanted port but wasn’t going to order it, so i put on the pressure a little. it paid off, big time. so delicious!

warre’s special reserve port (tiny glass but pretty damned full, for $10)

i just looked back at the menu and i have to note the platters that they offer… the “warm” platter contains brie, port soaked apricots, grilled polenta, braised leeks, fresh fruits, muhammara (a spicy red pepper walnut dip according to the internet), and crostini. whoa. also, i realized that i forgot to order the beef satay (w/apple saffron chutney & peanut sauce); ah well, we wouldn’t have had room anyway. next time. oh yes, there will be a next time.


p.s. thanks for introducing me to this place, michelle!

Small Plates Restaurant, Tapas & Wine Bar
56 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


2 thoughts on “Small Plates

  1. Muhammara is delish, Russo’s makes a great one. The important thing to know is that it has pomegranate molasses in it, also, that I am obsessed with pomegranate molasses. That’s important to know too.

    • i need to use it more… i have two unopened bottles of it! any use suggestions?

      also, hi! your beetlejuice-style invocation of wordpress may have been what put me over the edge. so, thanks, i think. :)

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