Notes From Buffalo

[repost from elsewhere. actual timestamp: 20090410, 4:12pm]



Hit a Greek spot called Pano’s with Margobot and LoPro the birthday boy. We treated him to a local beer and a grilled cheese (swiss) with turkey, and Mags had breakfast (eggs and toast I think).

I had the same beer that L had (Flying Bison Aviator Red) – I don’t drink beer much these days, but it brought me back to Boulder a little bit… I liked it. Also had a lunch sized portion of chicken souvlaki. The dressing that came with it was pretty good… creamy with some dill I think. Not the best ever but it did the job – no complaints.


Went to L’s local, Toro, for some anejo corazon. I said I was sipping so the bartender gave me a serious pour. They wouldn’t let us pay, ’cause we were with L. Nice! The place was humid and smelling of cleaning solution when we walked in, but I’m gonna let it slide because the staff was rad.



Crap Starbuck’s hotel coffee with non-dairy creamer. Ugh.


Took Tamika’s advice and headed down the street to SPoT Coffee. Sausage, egg, provolone, and tomato on a croissant, with a side of hot sauce. Delicious! “Mucho” (large) vanilla latte… I asked for just a little vanilla and they put the regular amount in it, so it was too sweet, but it was better than the hotel room coffee, so I was able to get some work done.

Spot Coffee is a cool place… lots of couches and other seating. The woman at the register looked at me like I was crazy when I ordered though. Hrm.


It begins! Boneless hot wings from Jim’s STEAKOUT (what’s up with the capitalization up here?). Tiny little nuggets compared to what I’m used to, but so moist! They offered mild, medium or hot, and I went mild to be on the safe side. Should have gone for medium. They came with a mini bag of mini carrots and a little tub of blue cheese. The blue cheese was on the bland side. Maybe with medium heat it would have been a little more balanced. Overall, better than some I’ve had, but not the best. Major points for the succulent chicken, though!

Stay tuned… the eating continues! Revolutionary space crisps from Marci on deck, and dinner at Anchor Bar!


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